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Fall TV Preview: Which Shows Will Be Canceled First?

Last week,  the new Fall Primetime Season started, and I am very excited to see what the networks have in store for us this year.  In this technology-driven age, I’ve already seen preview clips and read about most of the shows, but there is nothing like watching them live.  I love staying up to date on how the networks-ABC , CBS, CW, FOX, and NBC-are building their nightly schedules to compete with each other, and guessing what’s going to be the next big hit or the biggest flop.

In the age of fading and overdone Reality TV (new judges on Idol/X-Factor and All-Star/past competitors cast for Dancing with the Stars) and excellent and extremely popular cable dramas, I still can’t wait to see what the networks can still produce.

For the fall of 2012, comedy is back in full force for a couple of reasons:

1. It is cheaper for the networks to produce.

2. The audience doesn’t have to pay attention as long.  As a society, our attention span has gotten shorter and we are constantly multi-tasking to a whole new degree. We’re playing with our kids eating, working on our laptops or smart phones — all while we are also watching TV.

Here is a rundown of some of the new comedies:

  • Fox has two new sitcoms on Tuesday nights, Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project, to complement their two existing hits, New Girl and Raising Hope.
  • NBC has taken advantage of the their historically very successful Thursday night sitcom block (30 Rock/Up All Night/Office/Parks&Rec) and is expanding to include two new comedies on Tuesdays: The New Normal  and Go On. Wednesdays they’ll offer up Animal Practice and Guys with Kids, and  Whitney and Community will move to Friday.
  • CBS’s power sitcom Mondays continue to use three of their popular shows (How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly) to help launch freshman comedy, Partners.  CBS also moved declining 2.5 Men, minus Charlie Sheen, to Thursdays behind their very successful Big Bang Theory in hopes of reclaiming some of their viewers.
  • ABC is following suit and has moved two of their newer sitcoms from Wednesday to Tuesday (Happy Endings/Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23), while picking up a show that includes aliens, The Neighbors, to add to the already established Wednesday Night Comedy block of The Middle, Modern Family, and Suburgatory.  Hoping to restore their old family friendly TGIF night success and keep with NBC’s witty Whitney and Community, ABC has placed Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing and Reba McEntire’s Malibu Country on Friday nights starting in October.

Only a handful will make it through the fall and few will hit the ratings success, but hopefully at least one will make you laugh. We polled our Media team to see which shows we predict will succeed, and which ones will fail this Fall. Here are some of the results:

Which new primetime show on the CW will be canceled first?

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Which new primetime show on FOX will be canceled first?

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Which new primetime show on NBC will be canceled first?

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Which new primetime show on CBS will be canceled first?

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Which new primetime show on ABC will be canceled first?

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Of all of the new primetime shows across all networks, which one will be the very first to be canceled?

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Which new primetime show will be #1 in the ratings?

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The New Fall Primetime Season kicked off Monday 9/10.  Pick a few new shows to check out this season using this handy schedule.

Pam Stutler is a Senior Broadcast Negotiator at Moroch. Follow Moroch on Twitter at @MorochAgency.

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