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The Moroch Entertainment Dead or Alive Event Party

I’m no stranger to hosting some amazing and memorable parties (Oscar Party anyone?!?), and you can bet if I had the chance to choose who to dine with, dead or alive, this dinner party would be turned into a red carpet grand event.  Everyone would be instructed to come dressed up as their favorite Hollywood celebrity (dead or alive), and the dress code would strictly be enforced.  The venue would either be held in Dallas at The Studios @ Las Colinas, or in Los Angeles at a film studio soundstage.

My guests would be able to walk down the red carpet, posing to take pictures in front of the step-and-repeats.  As everyone enters the building, they would receive a very high-end swag bag.  The décor would be glitz and glam, with movie props and costumes on display from some of my favorite films.  I love Mexican food, so that would definitely be on the menu, along with lots of desserts, Cape Cods, and margarita swirls.

With an event this extravagant, my VIPs would have to consist of John Candy, who would serve as Master of Ceremony.  I would get to ask Lucille Ball, George Lucas,  and Mel Blanc plenty of questions, and the evening would end with a surprise performance by His Royal Purple Highness, Prince!

John was a true talent gone too soon.  I loved him in Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains and Automobiles and The Great Outdoors.  I would ask him what he would do differently if he had to do all over again.

Lucy has made me laugh for 20 years, and her show, I Love Lucy, has reached  timeless status by being on air for over six decades.  Because the show is in heavy syndication, I would definitely ask her what she feels contributed to the show’s longevity, and what actress (past or present) she thinks could fill her shoes.

George is the man who took my imagination out of the piney woods of East Texas and into a galaxy far, far away!  I want to know how he truly came up with his ideas for the saga. I’d also ask if he might be willing to leave me the keys to the X-Wing Fighter or AT-AT Walker.

Mel is the man of a thousand voices, and best known for giving life to the lovable Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, etc.  I still get goose bumps when I see or think about the fine art lithograph, Speechless, honoring  his extraordinary talents.  I would want to know what other characters he wanted to voice.

And finally, Prince!  To say that I’m a huge fan is an understatement.  I’ve bought every single album (at least twice – cassettes and CDs).   I know all of the lyrics, and can recognize when other artists sample his music even today.  I’ve seen and own every single movie he’s been in, and have attended many concerts.  So, for me to ask him a question would be silly.  I would simply make a request, which would be to perform my favorite songs with The Revolution…and party like its 1999!

Roderick Stoker is a Partner at Moroch Entertainment.  You can follow him on Twitter @RoderickStoker.

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