Every successful campaign starts with a solid strategy.

And we believe that a solid strategy starts by understanding who a brand is and why they do what they do, and then getting inside the minds of consumers. By connecting the dots between the brand and its customers, we can develop an engaging, relevant strategy that delivers a memorable experience for the target audience as well as measurable business results.


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Gail Stephens
Gail Stephens Director, Business Insights & Metrics

Gail has been a data nerd since before it was cool. In 2005, she was part of a team that helped discover and test the reporting tool that’s become the standard for McDonald’s worldwide. For 17 years, she’s been the Jacques Cousteau of deep dives into market data.

Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez Senior Partner, Business Insights & Metrics

This ad veteran loves his data. But what separates Tony from others are his critical thinking and ability to turn numbers into a coherent business narrative. When not crunching numbers for McDonald’s franchisees, he’s checking soccer scores from around the world.

Robert Blumenstock
Robert Blumenstock Business Strategy Director

Robert’s 20+ years of great strategic thinking is matched only by his passion for genuine experiences. Once while hiking on a glacier, listening to a guide talk about the perils of falling into crevasses, Robert fell into a crevasse. Fortunately for us, the guide and his family pulled him out.

What we do for our clients every day

  • market & competitive research
  • customer insights & persona development
  • brand architecture
  • customer journey mapping
  • integrated marketing plan development
  • marketing automation strategy
  • channel-specific strategy
  • real-time dashboard
  • metrics & sales analysis

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